Vanessa Seifert

My husband, Brandon, and I have called Calvary home since 2012. We consider it a blessing to have our two daughters also connected to our Calvary family since 2014 and 2016.


At Calvary we speak and seek to live the truth: We are God’s sent people in the world. For me, as a “deployed” staff member I am sent to serve across the state of Nebraska and beyond to offer leadership development and coaching for pastors and marketplace leaders. As a called DCE-Discipleship Catalyst I also provide resources and growth processes for the church and community to further the idea that all of life is faith all of faith is life. A great joy of mine includes leading Adult Bible study at Calvary.


Why am I so passionate about my calling? My transformational life experience happened during college when I became a Christian in the dorms of Concordia University, Texas.  A group of students (they were and continue to be leaders) invested in my personal growth and discipleship development. Like this group of student leaders, all these years later I continue to enjoy creating environments for others as God grows and develops his disciples.


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