Vanessa Seifert

My husband, Brandon, and I experienced Calvary in 2012 when we first moved to Lincoln. I encountered God's presence and a community of people that welcomed me to join the journey of life together as Jesus' disciples.

I am a bi-vocational DCE called through Calvary to the city of Lincoln and beyond. My marketplace ministry happens through Leadership Resources where I am responsible for coaching emerging leaders and facilitating leadership development processes and workshops for growing companies in Lincoln.

I serve Calvary as DCE-Discipleship Catalyst as I team with Calvary staff and leadership to provide resources and practical opportunities that encourage and create a discipleship culture, that all would clearly see that all of life is faith and all of faith is life.

I completed my Ph.D. in 2013 after studying how individuals un-learn and re-learn habits of thought that lead to a new mindset and new behavioral outcomes. My research was born out of the observation that faith integration requires a new mindset in many cases. I wanted to learn how leaders help and guide God's people to new ways of thinking and being in order to integrate faith to everyday life. I have the privilege of continuing this learning in a practical way as our Calvary family seeks to allow God to guide us into new ways of thinking and being that align with his will for our lives. I look forward to meeting you.