Calvary is committed to Christian Education. A primary emphasis of our mission involves learning and applying God’s Word to our lives. This most certainly involves education, however, education is not only an intellectual endeavor. True Christian education, or true learning, also involves practice, experience, and community.


We are striving to define a “pathway” for discipleship. In some sense, this pathway is unique and different for each person. It varies because of our age, experience, and present vocation. But there are consistencies that apply to all people. As we strive to learn and become disciples of Jesus Christ, we must create an open and honest environment where an individual is able to be vulnerable. This vulnerability allows us to “un-learn” certain misconceptions or behaviors that are un-biblical or unpleasing to God. At the same time we must create a learning environment that is not legalistic, but does allows for true accountability within the community. Regardless of age, experience, history or background, we strive to provide Christian education that include the above elements, so that all would see how God is developing them as His disciples.

Sunday School Children & Youth Focus


Over the next three years, we will be taking a Christ-centered, three-year chronological survey of the Bible. At each grade level (preschool through high school), we will teach the Christian faith in age-appropriate ways, with the goal of helping our students grow deeper in their understanding of Jesus through God’s Word. We start with "Year 1" and will progress as follows:

● Year 1 is an overview of the Bible and its major themes, tracing God’s plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. (2021-2022)
● Year 2 looks at the Old Testament in depth. (2022-2023)
● Year 3 looks at the New Testament in depth. (2023-2024)

Our autumn sessions will be:
1 A Mighty Wonder—Creation; Genesis 1:1–2:3
2 The Fall and a Promise—Fall into Sin; Genesis 3
3 A New Beginning—Noah; Genesis 6:11–22; 7:11–24; 8:13–22
4 A Call to Action—Abram; Genesis 12:1–9
5 A Promising Dream—Jacob; Genesis 28:10–22
6 Hope in Hardship—Joseph; Genesis 37; 45:1–10; 50:20
7 Fiery Directions—Moses; Exodus 2:23–3:22
8 The Egypt Exit—Exodus; Exodus 14
9 A Loving Law—Ten Commandments; Exodus 20:1–21
10 The Land at Last—Joshua; Joshua 3:1–4:18
11 A Judge Leads—Gideon; Judges 7:1–23
12 A Prophet Serves—Samuel; 1 Samuel 3
13 A King Forever—David; 1 Samuel 16:1–13; 2 Samuel 5:1–5; 7:4–17
14 The King’s Table—Mephibosheth; 2 Samuel 4:4; 9:1–13

We are eager to see how our children mature in their trusting walk with Jesus as well as their growing awareness of God's unfolding Story.