Lutheran Women's Missionary League

The mission of Calvary’s LWML is to assist each woman of Calvary in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she can use her God-given gifts in witnessing and serving others. The LWML is regularly involved in many different mission projects including making quilts for Orphan Grain Train and local charities, serving funeral luncheons and assorted receptions, caroling to homebound members, weekly alter care and giving offerings to various missions including the Nebraska and National Mission project.


We have been blessed here at Calvary with the opportunity to walk side by side in ministry with our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ since 2009. However, more recently we have partnered with Jacob’s Well, here in Lincoln, to make a greater impact on the ministry happening in Haiti. In 2013, Jacob's Well started a non-profit in Haiti in a small village called Montrouis. What started as a mustard seed has now turned into a thriving ministry that has shared the gospel and spread the love of Christ to hundreds of people in Montrouis. 

Our mission trips to Haiti are brief ones, but are done with intention. Our goal with each trip is to implement our discipleship process that we have instilled here at Calvary. We first strive to meet the basic needs of the people. Once met, we can build trust and a relationship with them. After the relationship has been established, we can share God’s unfailing love with many. This is done not only through God’s word, but also through our actions.

Another key aspect of the discipleship plan is to build up the pastors from Montrouis and the surrounding areas. We do a week long, intensive conference, with pastors in Montrious. We study God’s word and pray with the pastors. We try to answer any questions they have about discipleship paths they are already on with other men and women in their village. No question is too big or too small and we always point them back to God's word. 

It is an ongoing path of discipleship and is amazing to see peoples’ hearts and minds change and grow for one another as they build relationships that will last no matter what expanse of water lies between them; to see God's kingdom expand around the world, to see Christ in so many people. We are truly blessed to be a miniscule piece in God's powerful movement in Haiti.

The Pleven Project

As Grace, our former Coordinator of Discipleship, began her adoption journey, we discovered the plight of orphans in Eastern Europe. Many hundreds of thousands of children are living in substandard, even unbearable conditions. Grace’s children were adopted from an orphanage in Bulgaria where children’s most basic needs were not being met. Now that Samantha and Tony are home, being loved in a family, we know firsthand what God can do and we want to help. We have partnered with a new organization, The Pleven Project, and Sam and Tony’s orphanage and have set our hearts on helping the older children who are aging out without the hope to be adopted. Many of these “children” are quite small and significantly delayed due to many years of neglect and abuse. We now have the opportunity to partner in giving them a second chance at life by helping to provide a home, their own small staff, and therapies and equipment that will help them live to their full potential.