Our Mission

We have embraced a mission to guide all ministry at Calvary. I am convinced that this is not a mission statement that resides only on paper, but continues to be a mission that dwells in the hearts of God’s people. This mission is unique to Calvary and allows us to be look to the future as it presents a process for making disciples in this place.  

Loving - Celebrating and Sharing His love. 

Learning - Applying His Word to our lives. 

Living - Sharing, Stewardship, Service

As mentioned, “it presents a process for making disciples in this place.” God has called every Christian and every Christian Church to be involved in the process of becoming a disciple, and making disciples. Discipleship is obviously not a specific step-by-step process, because every individual is different and unique in their own way. Every person has their own unique discipleship journey. However, we believe that the themes expressed in our mission provide a basic “pathway” for discipleship. Therefore, everything that we do, every event, every class, every team, must reflect the themes in this discipleship process.

Allow me to share some basic practical examples of how this mission process might be experienced. If you were to attend a worship service, you would join with others who have come to experience the love of God. God’s love is most clearly seen through Jesus Christ who died for the sins of all people. We realize that God’s love is proclaimed through His gifts of baptism, communion, and His Word, however, His love is also proclaimed through the loving actions of His community. Those who are struggling with guilt, loneliness, hunger or grief, must also experience His love through the comfort and generosity of His people - Loving

Within that same worship service you would also be invited to hear and apply His Word to your life. Becoming a disciple demands various learning opportunities where we can be open and vulnerable as we hear His Word of truth, yet also be held accountable to Him and others within our community of faith. - Learning

Finally, we believe that being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not simply something that we experience one hour a week. The process of discipleship extends to every aspect of our lives, every day of the week, and every hour of each day. In that same worship service you will witness various people, from every background, who are applying His Word to the challenges, joys, hurts and fears of daily life. - Living

Loving, Learning and Living. We strive to live out this mission in all that we do, simply because we take God’s call to discipleship very seriously. Whether you enter a worship service, experience a Bible study class, or engage in an intentional discipling relationship, we will strive to present this very intentional discipleship process - we are convinced that this is the mission that God has entrusted to us.