Monthly Themes

Life Together - Here Because of Jesus

The real reason we’re in this life together is because Jesus has woven us together. It’s him, his love, his forgiveness, that causes all this goodness we experience together. And as we journey through turbulent times, we’ll look one another in the eye and speak about this same Jesus. 

October 4 - Jesus, the Heart of Everything

Here, Jesus tells a parable that relates to the Isaiah reading. It’s about a vineyard and its caretakers. While there were supposed to be the best grapes ever, there’s nothing but nasty. Why? In the Gospel reading, we’ll read about Jesus being rejected, and yet how he is the cornerstone of everything we’re built on. What is “proper fruit” in Jesus? And what does it mean for Jesus to be a rock that shatters or crushes? 

Isaiah 5:1-7; Matthew 21:33-46

October 11 - Clothed Just Right

There’s a great invitation to join in on what God is accomplishing through Jesus. Some reject it. Truthfully, we’ve had our seasons of rejecting too. But here we are, gathered around Jesus. Sinners, saints, all of us. Best of all, he’s clothed us with his righteousness. We belong because of him. 

Isaiah 25:6-9; Matthew 22:1-14

October 18 - Minted by Jesus

The Thessalonians were celebrated because stories of their faith were shared all over. It was a faith anticipating the return of Jesus. For us, in that same waiting, we’re faced with a question, “Whose image or likeness do you carry?” We’ll read a familiar passage of “giving to Caesar what’s his,” and focus on the image of God being upon us, something stamped on us in the baptismal moment. Who, then, do we belong to? (Also noteworthy might be that the old Roman coins at the time of Jesus literally had the name of the Caesar on it, his face, and a phrase, ‘son of god’).

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Matthew 22:15-22 

October 25  - Jesus, Friend of Sinners

On Reformation Sunday, we fill with gratitude. We’ve known our sin, our struggle. Today, we celebrate that Jesus chose to draw near, to die for us, to forgive us, and to graft us into new life with himself, now and forever. We celebrate! And we’ll continue to focus our eyes on him, this friend of sinners, all sinners, including us. 

Romans 3:19-28; Matthew 11:12-19