May Themes

The Actions of His (Easter) People

The Easter refrain continues - He is Risen! We continue to celebrate the risen Savior because Easter is not just a day, it’s not just a special Sunday. In our Christian tradition, Easter is a season. As we continue in this Easter Season, we look closely at the book of Acts, so that we might discover, what happened in that very first Easter Season, and re-discover what God continues to do in us today and beyond.  

May 2 - Actions of (Easter) Teaching

When we think of Easter teaching, maybe we think of the powerful teaching of the disciples among the large crowds that gathered. Maybe we even think of the impact of modern day teachers that speak in large churches or among large groups of students. Today’s reading, reminds us of the incredible value of God’s people building relationships with one other person. What an incredible gift to teach the Easter truth to ONE.             

Readings: Acts 8:26-40, John 15:1-8  

May 9 - Actions of (Easter) Celebration for All

The Easter celebration is too often confined to a single day. The Easter celebration may also be confined to a certain group, or a certain select people. But the truth is: God sends His people to share the Easter message with all. “There is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.”               

Readings: Acts 10:34-48, John 15:9-17  

May 16 - Actions of (Easter) Power

As we near the close of the Season of Easter, we may be thinking about the Easter worship weeks ago. Maybe we think about the family time, the music, the joy and excitement that filled God’s people.  

What truly filled God’s people, and continues to fill us today, is the power of the Holy Spirit. The promise before us today, is that we are not left alone. We are not left without His power. God’s Easter Power continues in us today.            

Readings: Acts 1:1-11, Luke 24:44-53