May Themes

How is God Changing Me this Easter?

We see a lot of changes in the month of May. We see trees getting their leaves, flowers blooming, gardens being started. What changes are being made in you? We talk often about God changing and maturing us, but what do you see? In the month of May, during the season of Easter, we will explore some of the Easter Changes that we might look for in each other and in ourselves.  

May 1  - Joyful Obedience

In our reading we find the risen Jesus playfully calling out to His disciples. They respond and follow His suggestion. What follows is recognition, celebration what we might also describe as a joyful obedience to Jesus. Maybe when we consider “obedience” in our own lives, we find it to be reluctant or burdensome. Is it possible for obedience to Jesus to be joyful for you today?                        

Readings: Acts 9:1-22, John 21:1-14

May 8 - The Unchanging Path

This world is a dangerous and difficult place. This is an obvious statement. But what we also hear today, is that being among God’s people is uniquely dangerous and difficult. We are told to guard ourselves, and to watch out for false teachers that will be like vicious wolves, attacking God’s flock. We are invited to follow our unchanging God and those that lead us to follow Him.                      

Reading: Acts 20:17-35, John 10:22-30

May 15 - Changes of Compassion  

In our reading from Acts we find many details about clean and unclean food. Peter is explaining how God instructed him to go against Jewish law and tradition regarding the food they eat. But as he explained, we find that God was also revealing clean and unclean people. God was showing His love and compassion upon all people, and they were being called to do the same.                           

Readings: Acts 11:1-18, John 16:12-22

May 22 - A Changed Heart

Today we hear about the hospitality shown by Lydia. She was a woman who worshipped God, but was not baptized, and unaware of the message of Jesus Christ. Once she heard, the Lord opened her heart, and she responded by opening her home. Today God continues to change our hearts, inviting us to the opportunity to show hospitality toward each other and others in our community. We have received the hospitality of God, and now may we respond with hearts filled with hospitality toward others.                        

Readings: Acts 16:9-15, John 5:1-9

May 29 - Ordinary People - Changed People

The early church faced a dilemma. Judas was obviously no longer with them, leading the Church. So they nominated two men, Joseph and Matthias, to replace Judas in this ministry. At this point they did two rather “ordinary” things. They prayed and cast lots to decide. It seems that God worked through some rather ordinary or usual things. He still does this today. He is the Lord of His Church and He will multiply leaders, believers, and servants within His Church.                       

Reading: Acts 1:12-26, John 17:20-26