Who We Are

Calvary Lutheran Church is not the biggest church in town, and we are not striving to be. We are not the most “entertaining” church in town, and we are not striving to be that either. We are not competing with other Christian congregations to merely fill a church building on Sunday mornings. Instead, we strive to be an authentic community of people who are willing to be vulnerable and accountable to God and one another, as we live our lives as His disciples.   

Making Disciples

As we engage in God’s invitation to become His disciples, and to make disciples of all nations and all people, we appear quite diverse. We consist of a family of people of different ages, different colors, and different backgrounds. We are people with different vocations, different hobbies, from different walks of life. What makes us similar, is that we are all imperfect people that together are wrestling with questions about God, challenges regarding our roles as married couples, single individuals, parents, friends, co-workers or neighbors, and the joys and difficulties of real life. Most importantly, what unites us, is the fact that together we celebrate the love of God found in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins, and that His love would continue to compel us to grow as His disciples, and respond to His call to make disciples.  

Loving, Learning, Living

We are striving to respond to God’s call in this way. Loving all people, because of His incredible love for us, perfectly displayed through Jesus Christ. Learning His true Word and applying this Word to our lives. Living our lives with honesty and authenticity, because our entire life is His ministry, and His ministry is our entire life. Simply stated, we are striving to live out the mission of Loving, Learning and Living, because of the cross of Calvary. We invite you to join us in His mission.